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Africanews - Advertising Team

Enquiries from Africa

Email: advertising@africanews.com

Enquiries from France, Benelux, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal

Email: sales-paris@euronews.com

Enquiries from North, East Asia and Asia Pacific

Email: sales-asia@euronews.com

Enquiries from Central & Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Russia

Email: sales-berlin@euronews.com

Enquiries from USA, UK, Scandinavia, Poland

Email: sales-london@euronews.com

Enquiries from Middle East & North Africa

Email: sales-mideast@euronews.com

Enquiries from Latam, India, Greece, Spain and Turkey

Email: sales-ai@euronews.com

Enquiries regarding Content Licensing, Diversification, Events– Worldwide

Email: bd@euronews.com

Enquiries regarding Distribution – Worldwide

Email: distribution@euronews.com