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Skype offers new range of emojis: Olympic medals, selfie and others

Skype offers new range of emojis: Olympic medals, selfie and others


As part of their own celebration of the ongoing Olympic Games in Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, Skype designers have added 3 medals to their list of emoticons: bronze, silver, and of course, gold.

Emoticons are representations of a facial expression (as a smile or frown) created by typing a sequence of characters in sending email or in social media messages.

The Games commenced on August 5, with a flashy opening ceremony and athletes and sportsmen and women have since been winning medals and making their respective nations proud.

On Twitter for example, hashtags with the words ‘gold,’ ‘silver’ and ‘bronze’ would give users a pictorial representation of the medal.

In the case of Skype, users either click the emoticon or emoji button and find the ‘featured emoticons’ column from where one can choose whichever medal they want to use and for which purpose.

Alternatively, your type the medal you desire in a bracket/parentheses and it offers you the medal. (gold) for gold (silver) for silver and (bronze) to get a bronze medal.

Beyond the medal, ‘selfie and co’

Beyond the medal emojis, Skype has introduced a series of emoticons, among which are:

  • Selfie (selfie)
  • Talking too much (ttm)
  • Dreaming (dream)
  • Ill (ill)
  • Tired (tired)
  • Trophy (trophy)

With respect to sports, they added the following:

Tennis fail (tennisfail)
Running (running)
Basket-ball (slamdunk)
Archery (target)
Synchronized swimming (synchswim)
Cycling (bike)